A micro lot is defined as “a lot produced separately, discretely picked or processed to have special character.” Some use the analogy of an apple orchard, and of a farmer setting aside the apples from a few exceedingly excellent trees and selling those separately. Coffees that fall under the micro lot banner are different in their uniqueness and flavor. They are just ‘special’ !

Basically, this means the product you are buying is at least 95% organic unless 100% organic is specified. This usually applies to items that are mixed with others. In the case of coffee, it is one single crop so it is almost always 100% organic.

From its very inception, direct trade has been—like so many other great ideas in coffee—a grassroots, ground-up, make-it-up-as-you-go concept. Which is a large part of what makes it work. A proactive and mutually beneficial collaboration between coffee farmers and coffee roasters aimed at increasing the quality, value, and consistency of coffees produced, where the farmer and the roaster are committed to working together transparently and long-term. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. We work with the farmers in a joint effort to improve the state of coffee.