Jeff Pongsathorn Wangchai and his wife Tida started Yindee Coffee Roasters and the café in 2012. It is a family business built by passionate people with a vision. As a family, they opened their coffee shop in Rayong with the hopes of providing a place for the community to gather and connect. This vision has costed both time, money, a successful career as a ingeniour and even more!

Jeff went on a journey to learn the art of roasting and has not only perfected the art of coffee roasting with innovative products from these single origin beans, but  has trained other coffee shop owners in Thailand, providing them with his product.

Yindee coffee is your cup of gladness. All of the coffee comes from the mountains of northern Thailand, grown in villages in both Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Each batch is grown in a natural environment, hand picked at the peak of freshness, and roasted in small batches to ensure optimum quality and taste. Grown in the same ground as the Chinese plum, the rich organic blend is infused with its sweet, tangy flavors.

Yindee Coffee Roasters is driven by the desire to fuel community and kindness. The coffee brings friends and family together with happiness. It is the perfect centerpiece for any gathering.

Today this small and humble café has met it's audience and is fast growing in both size and popularity! Comments on Facebook and Tripadvisor shows the quality of both atmosphere and the coffee served in this charming but unknown gem. 

In Yindee Coffee House/ Roasters you can enjoy a wide range of different styles of  coffee; cold or hot. Some nights you can experience the "Sound Wander", a music event where local and more known musicians get together to make music happen. Sometimes they have a "Cats Therapy" night - where the money from the music event goes to help cats and dogs on the street get medical care. As you can understand, this is a place filled with love, for both humans and our animals friends!

On sundays the Yindee Coffee House is used as a place to gather for the local church, the Rayong Vineyard. And believe it or not, but Jeff, the barista and owner of the Yindee Coffee Roasters, is also a musician and the pastor of the Vineyard Church.

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