Fair tea and coffee from Chiang Mai

Don’t miss your chance to buy your quality coffee and tea, and at the same time support Jeff and Tida's Yindee Coffee Roasters and the Lahu farmers in Chiang Mai!
Yindee Coffee Roasters

Yindee Coffee

100% organically grown Arabica from Chiang Mai, carefully roasted by Yindee Coffee Roasters in Rayong, Thailand.

Assam tea from Chiang Mai

Doi Pu Muen Black Tea

Organically grown green and black Assam tea from Fang/ Mae Ai district in Chiang Mai.

Yindee Coffee Roasters

store_mall_directoryYindee Coffee Roasters

A family business driven with passion for the love of coffee and people! Meet Jeff and his family in their quest for the ultimate coffee.

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peopleThe Lahu village

This Lahu village was once an opium plant. The King of Thailand gave permission for this village to grow coffee. When you buy coffee from Yindee.no, you support the Lahu people!

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Direct trade

- A mutually beneficial collaboration between farmer and roaster to secure quality, value, and consistency, committing to work together transparently and long-term for the best of everybody.

from opium to coffee

trending_upFrom opium to coffee

The Golden Triangle has a history filled with violence, powerty and druglords terrorizing the minority people in the mountains.