This webshop is set up by the Fellowship Plan B in Trondheim, Norway to help friends in Rayong Vineyard and Yindee Coffee Roasters in Thailand.

This is an initiativ to help Jeff with branding his fantastic coffee from Yindee Coffee Roasters. And by helping this small community in Rayong, Thailand, we hope to see more people supporting by buying tea and coffee grown in the Lahu village in Chiang Mai.

When you buy this coffee, you are supporting the poor Lahu tribe in the north of Thailand.

This village was once an opium plant. But one day a young man inherited the plant, and desided it was time to set things right and end the illegal business. 

The Chiang Mai region is the perfect place for growing coffee and tea, and John, the owner, and the Lahu farmers, really know how to grow and harvest the best of coffee. If you love coffee, you will love Yindee Coffee, made from organically grown Arabica beans, roasted in Yindee Coffee Roasters by Jeff.

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Be passionate. Buy quality. Be a game changer.

Why not enjoy your coffee or tea while knowing that you contribute to changing lives, one cup at the time!favorite

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Organic grown coffee

Grown with love, picked by hand and carefully and passionate roasted in Yindee Coffee Roasters!

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Organic Assam Tea

Grown width passion and love by the Lahu farmers in Chiang Mai