1. Superior flavour. The difference in taste between a fresh-roasted coffee and the vacuum-sealed varieties found in supermarkets is huge. (Comparing the two is like comparing a fresh-baked loaf of bread to the foil-wrapped stuff you find in the frozen food section). Freshly roasted coffee is the only coffee that contains true coffee flavour at its absolute best. Whereas, “aged” coffee can taste stale and bitter, fresh-roasted coffee is naturally sweet and lively. Furthermore, the distinct flavour profiles of certain beans (e.g. citrus, cherry, tobacco) have a much stronger presence and are easier to pick out in a truly fresh cup of coffee.  

2. Enhanced aroma. A coffee’s aroma is an important characteristic that adds to the fullness of the entire experience. Try blindly smelling a handful of (we’ll stick with “aged” beans, to be nice) and you’ll notice that it smells like, well … coffee. Now, place a handful of fresh-roasted beans under your nose and inhale; you’ll naturally close your eyes, fill your lungs, and exhale slowly while emitting the sound “mmmmmm”. The pleasantly intense aroma of fresh-roasted coffee is therapeutic, awakening the senses and triggering endorphins. Just one whiff can be enough to transport you to your happy place.

3. Health benefits. Fresh-roasted coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, which benefit your health by boosting your immune system and helping to prevent cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Once roasted, the coffee bean becomes perishable and—like any perishable food item—it begins to loose its nutritional value as time passes. To reiterate: the older a coffee, the lower the nutritional composition. Fresh-roasted coffee, on the other hand, packs a nutritional punch against disease. Note: Additional health benefits are reported, promoted and debated; but not many of them are proven and we choose not to swim in muddy waters. If you want to know more about the good things fresh-roasted coffee can do for your health, try “googling” it and prepare yourself for a tidal wave.